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 Project Incubator

Talent Incubator

Startup Incubator

What Sets Us Out

A virtual incubator

We support you wherever you are

We encourage new digital uses 

"Expert" advice

To promote the surfacing of new projects in all sectors

"Market" specialties in 4 fields 

  • Greentech
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Beauty
  • Creative Recreation

Our Proposal 


Open Bay, composed of men and women that are highly specialized in their fields, proposes an ecosystem that creates value and accelerates your business expansion. 

The biggest distinction with our incubator, Open Bay, is that it is based on coaching via the Web. We describe ourselves as a “virtual incubator”. So, you are coached wherever you happen to be. We do not host the Startups that we incubate and all our exchanges happen online, using various forms of modern communication. 

This method of coaching allows for: 

  • More precision within our exchanges
  • Traceability of all exchanges and/or advice
  • Solicitation of experts, no matter where they are
  • Planning for meetings more easily and effectively
  • A reduction of incubation costs
  • The pursuit of a dynamic form of communication while the Startup launches its activity and sets itself up where their ideal ecosystem is located
  • The discovery of projects, without geographical limits

Our Offer


3 months :

  • Market and project more well-known
  • Critical analysis on strategy (crash test)
  • Help on decision-making
  • Presentation preparation for incubation (if needed)


1 year :

  • Support adapted to your size and ambitions


2 possibilities :

  • Advise the most adequate accelerator on or off your territory 
  • Acceleration organized by us through capital investment 

Our Resources


  • Internal

   Directing manager

   Startup relations manager

   Communications manager

   Animation manager

  • External


  • Finance
  • Management
  • Legal and fiscal
  • Marketing and communications
  • Sales
  • Digital

Our Ecosystem

We allow young, innovative companies to expand more rapidly and with higher chances of success. We support them through three months of incubation at absolutely no cost. Thereafter, we define the conditions under which we may continue our support with the possibility of capital investment in the company. Exit clauses are negotiated at the time of stock entry.

We especially support Startups that qualify as part of our three “market” specialties: 

  • Greentech
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Beauty
  • Creative Recreation

 We favor innovative companies with an international outlook